The Chuck Guttenberg center for the physically challenged endowment fund was established by Adele (of blessed memory) and Bill Guttenberg in loving memory of their son Chuck. Programs offered for the physically challenged are open to individuals with a range of physical limitations. This fund enabled the JCC to become an accessible “barrier free” agency with ramps, electronic doors and sidewalk cuts for easy wheelchair access.

Training programs are good for one year from date of purchase. Call 201.408.1475 to schedule.

Master Training
Work with experienced, educated and knowledgeable trainers. Master trainers go through additional training and certification programs.
1 session: $85
12 session: $918
24 sessions: $1,728

Personal Exercise Programs (PEP)
One-on-one training with a certified trainer, including a comprehensive fitness evaluation and consultation.
1 session: $75
12 sessions: $834
24 sessions: $1,596
36 sessions: $2,304
48 sessions: $2,880

Partner Training
Train with two or three people and gain cardiovascular benefits and strength. Form your own group with friends and request your own program format.
1 session: $46 per person
10 sessions: $408 per person (Savings of $52 each)

JR Personal Exercise Programs
Personal exercise program for teens and pre-teens to learn components of a safe and effective fitness program. Taught under the guidance of a certified personal trainer.
Ages 15 & Under
12 sessions $684 (Savings of $180)

Teen Partner Training
This semi-private training program, grouped by age, combines
cardiovascular and resistance training. Form your own group with friends.
Ages 15 & Under
8 sessions $240 per person

Post Clinical Rehabilitative Personal Exercise Program
Our credentialed therapists have extensive experience working with people who have neurological complications, osteoporosis, arthritis, and other medical conditions, or who may be wheelchair bound, have suffered a stroke or undergone surgery. After completing your clinical rehabilitative program, we will work one-on-one with you to develop a safe, appropriate fitness regime as prescribed by your physician or therapist. Open to members and the public.

30 Minute Sessions
1 session: $60/$72
10 sessions: $570/$684
20 sessions: $1100/$1308
30 sessions: $1590/$1902

45 Minute Sessions
1 sessions: $75/$90
10 sessions: $700/$850
20 sessions: $1360/$1660
30 sessions: $1980/$2400

60 Minute Sessions
1 session: $90/$108
10 sessions: $840/$1000
20 sessions: $1640/$1900
30 sessions: $2355/$2760