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Kaplen JCC on the Palisades
411 East Clinton Avenue
Tenafly, New Jersey 07670
Phone 201.569.7900 | Fax 201.569.7448
To dial directly please dial 201.408 plus individuals extension.

Staff Directory by Department



Chief Executive Officer
Avi A. Lewinson X1400
Deann Forman, Chief Operating Officer X1401
Robyn Rosenfeld, Executive Assistant X1429
Mirta Quintana, Office Coordinator X1413
Chief Financial Officer
Danny Rocke X1402
Ronit Neiman, Chief Accountant X1422
Cathy Shepard, Accountant X1423
Kim Feher, Class Registrar X1425
Joy Goldsmith, Bookkeeper X1415
Debbie Krantzow, Payroll Administrator X1420
Steven Margulies, Accounts Payable X1424
Lynn Norton, Bookkeeper X1415
Facility Management
Chris Parrilli, Supervisor X1417
Melissa Horowytz, Administrative Assistant X266
Print Shop and Mailroom
Rob Schirrmacher, Coordinator X1419
Room Reservations
Information Technology
Keren Nachimzon, Director X1416
Daniel Schoenberg, Systems Administrator X605
Rina Tivon, Database Manager X525
Jeff Nadler, Chief Development Officer X1412
Fran Koszer, Administrative Assistant X1404
Special Events
Sharon Potolsky, Coordinator X1405
Fran Koszer, Administrative Assistant X1404
Tzipora Cohen, Chief Marketing Officer X1408
Joyce Chan, Creative Director X1407
Stephanie Cangro, Marketing Associate X1411
Sharon Goren, Marketing Manager X228
Rochelle Lazarus, Public Relations Director X1409
Carol Schulter, Marketing Director X1410
Membership Services
Robbie Fried, Director X1444
Esta Frankel, Associate Director X1443
Brenda Erman, Membership Associate X1447
Irit Losar, Membership Advisor X1448
Irene Laoudis, Member Services Coordinator X1472
Annette Scala, Membership Advisor X1445
Debbie Shenkin, Membership Associate X1448
Meira Tiboldo, Membership Associate X1448
Bonnie Wilson, Membership Services Supervisor X1442
Elissa Yurowitz, Membership Advisor X1448
Carol Leslie, Director X1403
Adult Services
Esther Mazor, Director X1456
Kathy Graff, Director of New Initiatives X1454
Judy Lattif, Adult Program Director X1457
Michele Schaffer, Administrative Assistant X1496
ARC (Kaplen Adult Reach Center)
Lauren Glubo, ARC Supervisor X1452
Ruth Yung, Administrative Assistant X1418
Camp Dream Street
Lisa Robins, Director X1455
Children Services
Michal Kleiman, Director X1467
Computer Learning Center
Judy Lattif, Adult Program Director X1457
Michele Schaffer, Administrative Assistant X1496
Early Childhood
Jo Sohinki, Director X1430
Sheli Heksch-Agassi, Administrator X1436
Sheryl Lauchheimer, Program Supervisor X1431
Lauren Pendergast, Program Supervisor X1432
Felice Popper, Special Events Coordinator X1435
Vicky Connolly, Nurse X1434
Holocaust Education
Jessica Wolf Spiegel, Director X1426
Ruth Yung, Administrative Assistant X1418
Infant and Toddler Programs Center
Lisa Sternbach, Coordinator X1437
Israel Connection
Aya Shechter, Director X1427
Gili Grady,Youth Shlicha X1428
Michele Schaffer, Administrative Assistant X1496
Judaic Programs
Jessica Wolf Spiegel, Director X1426
Ruth Yung, Administrative Assistant X1418
Maccabi Programs
Judi Nahary, Delegation Head X1450
Sara Sideman, Delegation Head X1469
Neil Klatskin Day Camp
Stacy Budkofsky, Director X1484
Melissa Peters, Assistant Director X1485
Nesya Malka, RegistrarX1486
School of Performing Arts
Deb Roberts, Director X1492
Allyson Carolan, Dance Managing Director X1495
Inbal Israeli, Administrative Assistant X1493
Ruth Yung, Administrative Assistant X1418
Senior Adult Department
Judi Nahary, Director X1450
Susan Kaplan, Senior Activity Center Supervisor X502
Lisa Robins, Program Developer X1455
Helene Schwartz, Sr. Center Plus Supervisor X1451
Lauren Glubo, Adult Reach Center Supervisor X1452
Marlene Ceragno, MA, CPG, CDP,
Senior Activity Center Recreational Therapist
and Caregiver Support Coordinator
Ruth Yung, Administrative Assistant X1418
Esther Mazor, Director X1456
Michele Schaffer, Administrative Assistant X1496
Special Services
Shelley Levy, Director X1489
Colleen Lofaro, Program Supervisor X602
Mindy Liebowitz, Administrative Assistant X1490
Jennifer Hoffer, Administrative Assistant X602
Esther Woletz, Administrative Assistant X1491
Teen Services
Sara Sideman, Director X1469
Alexis Robins, Assistant Teen Director X1470
Therapeutic Nursery
Lois Mendelson, Director X1497
Anita Miller, Assistant Director X1498
Gineen Weiss, Registrar X1439
Thurnauer School of Music
Dorothy Roffman, Director X1460
Michael Reingold, Assistant Director X1461
Mimoza Necaj, Registrar X1466
Leslie Jones, Administrative Assistant X1465
Pamela Jones, Partnership Coordinator X1463
Alison Holztberg Kenny, Development Director X1462
Robyn Searle, Scheduling Director X1463
Health & Rec
Roberto Santiago, Health & Recreation Director X1481
Irene Laoudis, Member Service Coordinator X1472
Suzy Arauz, Assistant Desk Supervisor X1479
Courtesy Desk X1440
Irina Shevchenko, Director X1473
Kathleen Costantini, Assistant Director X334
Juya Cho, Swim Team X1471
Indoor Pool X404  
Outdoor Pool X408  
Joe Agosto, Director X1446
Oumar Soumare, Associate Director X1474
Keri Thoren, Associate Director X1476
Donald Hennie, Basketball Pro
Barbara Marrott, Director X1475
Kimani Greene, Associate Director X603
Fitness Center Desk X412  
Group Exercise
Barbara Marrott, Director X1475
Seiden Wellness Center
Barbara Marrott, Director X1475
Yenny Franco, Spa Director X1480
Ofira Mor, Occupational Therapist X1477
Reception Desk X1441

All Staff Alphabetically
Joe Agosto x1446
Suzy Arauz x1479
Robbie Beer-Fried x1444
Stacy Budkofsky x1484
Stephanie Cangro x1411
Allyson Carolan x1495
Marlene Ceragno x439
Joyce Chan x1407
Juya Cho x1471
Tzipora Cohen x1408
Vickie Connolly x1434
Kathleen Costantini x334
Brenda Erman x1447
Kim Feher x1425
Yenny Franco x1480
Esta Frankel x1443
Lauren Glubo x1452
Sharon Goren x228
Gili Grady x1428
Kathy Graff x1454
Kimani Greene x603
Freida Harris x1453
Sheli Heksch-Agassi x1436
Donald Hennie
Jennifer Hoffer x602
Melissa Horowytz x266
Inbal Israeli x1493
Pamela Jones x1463
Leslie Jones x1465
Alison Kenny x1462
Susan Kaplan x502
Sharon Kestenbaum x1406
Michal Kleiman x1467
Debbie Krantzow x1420
Irene Laoudis x1472
Judy Lattif x1457
Sheryl Lauchheimer x1431
Rochelle Lazarus x1409
Carol Leslie x1403
Shelley Levy x1489
Avi A. Lewinson x1400
Colleen Lofaro x1490
Irit Losar x1448
Steven Margulies x1424
Barbara Marrott x1475
Esther Mazor x1456
Lois Mendelson x1497
Anita Miller x1498
Ofira Mor x1477
Keren Nachimzon x1416
Judi Nahary x1470
Mimoza Necaj x1466
Ronit Neiman x1422
Lynn Norton x1415
Chris Parrilli x1417
Rachel Pasher-Eijkenaar x309
Lauren Pendergast x1432
Melissa Peters x1485
Felice Popper x1435
Sharon Potolsky x1405
Mirta Quintana x1413
Michael Reingold x1461
Deborah Roberts x1492
Danny Rocke x1402
Alexis Robins X1470
Lisa Robins x1455
Dorothy Roffman x1460
Robyn Rosenfeld x1429
Roberto Santiago x1481
Annette Scala x1445
Michele Schaffer x1496
Robert Schirrmacher x1419
Diane Schneider x1404
Daniel Schoenberg x605
Carol Schulter x1410
Helene Schwartz x1451
Robyn Searle x1463
Aya Shechter x1427
Cathy Shepard x1423
Irina Shevchenko x1473
Sara Sideman x1469 ssideman
Jo Sohinki x1430
Jessica Wolf Spiegel x1426
Oumar Soumare x1474
Lisa Sternbach x1437
Keri Thoren x1447
Rina Tivon x525
Gineen Weiss x1439
Bonnie Wilson x1442
Esther Woletz x1491
Ruth Yung x1418
Elissa Yurowitz x1448