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Gili Grady

The Community Shaliach serves as a valuable community resource for Israel education and advocacy, working directly with children, youth, students and adults in the different synagogues, religious schools, youth groups and agencies throughout the Jewish community.

The Shaliach endeavors to impart Jewish heritage and Zionism, encourage members of the community to visit Israel, provide the community with a taste of Israel and foster the development of a young local leadership. The Shaliach also organizes a wide range of educational activities based on the Jewish calendar cycle and showcaes Israel to the general public.


My name is Gili Grady, I'm 22 and live in Kiryat Tivon- a small city in the Northern part of Israel, near Haifa.

I have 4 siblings- my older brother is married with 2 children, my sister is 20 and joining the IDF this summer. My 2 younger brothers are 16 and 11, and are in school.

My father is the owner of an educational and personal development organization and my mother is a Classic Homeopath.
My hobbies are arts and crafts, cooking and travelling. I also love to read, exercise and the sea.

I finished high school in Kibbutz Harduf, near Kiryat Tivon. Theater was my major subject. During high school I was active in the Scouts movement (Tzofim) as a troop counsellor and coordinator, I also trained in Karate from basic level to Black belt.

After high school I volunteered for a year in Beer Sheba with 5 friends and worked with youth.

In the army I was in the Education Corp., as a commander. I conducted military basic training and Hebrew courses for immigrants and minorities.

These days I'm preparing for the "shlichut" at the Kaplen JCC and the Tzofim. I heard a lot about the Jewish and Israeli community in the area and I'm very excited to see you and meet you very soon.  

Ask the Shaliach

Want to know about programs in Israel, politics, culture, educational programs for Hebrew/Public School, travel opportunities, or discuss the latest news from Israel, contact Gili at 201.408.1428.

The Shlichut  program is supported by and in collaboration with the Jewish Federation of Northern NJ.