Camp Dates: Jun 26-Aug 18, 9-11:30 am

A fun separation/adjustment summer program for 2-year-olds. This 8-week summer adventure features daily indoor and outdoor play, a fabulous water park with exciting water activities, special programs such as visits from a petting zoo, story time, puppetry, singing, Shabbat celebrations and lots of fun. In addition to providing an exciting and memorable summer experience, Camp Katan introduces young children to an interactive social experience in a caring, warm environment.

Free Play. An important part of your child’s daily routine. Children are free to explore their environment and play independently or in small groups.
Outdoor time. Children can explore our state-of-the-art playground, where they will develop their gross motor skills as well as creativity.
Water Play. In our fabulous water park allows for important sensory activity. Children enjoy water tables, sprinkler play and more.
Music. Our talented music teacher visits the classroom once a week to lead the children in music and movement.
Shabbat. The children share in a Shabbat celebration in the classroom, where they learn the blessings for lighting the candles and enjoy challah and juice. The celebration includes both new and familiar Shabbat songs.

Your children will experience an enriching fun-filled summer at Camp Katan, where our attentive, professional staff will help your child build social skills and develop their creative expression. By providing a warm and welcoming setting, our goal is to support your child’s growth and development in preparation for a smooth transition to nursery school.

Recognizing that children handle separation in unique and different ways, our staff offers the sensitivity and experience to support you and your child through a successful transition to nursery school. In all groups, the parent or caregiver will remain with their child until a successful adjustment has been achieved.

For more information contact Jessica Friedman at 201.408.1437 or

Priority is given to families registering for nursery school in the fall.