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BBYO (B’nai B’rith Youth Organization)

As the leading pluralistic Jewish teen movement, BBYO serves as the Jewish community’s most valuable platform for delivering fun, meaningful and affordable experiences to the post Bar/Bat Mitzvah audience. For 90 years, its leadership programs at Aleph Zadik Aleph (AZA high school fraternity) and the B’nai B’rith Girls (BBG, high school sorority) have been providing exceptional leadership and identity enrichment experiences that are shaping the confidence and character of more than 400,000 alumni who are now among the most prominent figures in business, politics, academia, the arts and Jewish communal life. With year-round activities in hundreds of local communities as well as inspiring world-wide travel options, BBYO enables teens to cultivate leadership, service, civic engagement, Israeli education and Jewish values.  AZA and BBG meet two Sundays per month, with regular events, conventions, dances, and more.  Interested in learning more about this exciting youth group?  Call Sara at 201.408.1469 for more information

Check out these BBYO Highlights:

  • Chapter meetings every 2 weeks
  • Movie and Froyo Night Dec 7 
  • Spirit Convention Dec 13-15 (color war between chapters)
  • RJI Feb 28- March 2 Regional Jewish Institute
  • Life May 16-18 (last convention of the year, a goodbye for seniors)


"BBYO, more than anything, has taught me about family. It's taught me about the unbreakable connection Jewish brothers have. It's taught me about the value of giving back to family members who have fallen on hard times. Most importantly, it's taught me how to lead a family and be the brother that everyone needs."

    • Jakob Hess, Palisades AZA President

" BBYO has taught me how to be a leader,  has helped me find my identity and best of all make my best friends who will last a life time."

    • Meryl Goldberg, Palisades BBG President