Babysitting Services


Hours of Operation

Monday-Friday 8:30 am-12 pm

Monday-Thursday 4-6 pm

Sunday 9 am-12 pm

Any changes in the scedule will be posted

The JCC is happy to offer FREE babysitting services for children six months to five years of age to give you, our members, the freedom to work out or take a class, knowing that your child is in a safe and nurturing environment.

Our brand new babysitting suite, located in the new Russ Berrie Family Health and Recreation Complex, is a cheerful, welcoming play space, featuring age appropriate toys and social opportunities that will keep your little loved ones active and entertained. The room is staffed by caring staff, who will make sure your kids have fun while you get fit!

Call Irene Laoudis for more information at 201.408.1472.


General Rules

  • For your child’s safety, we request that members bring only their own children to the babysitting room.

  • Children must be signed in and out by the parent using the JCC facilities.

  • Please leave a photo ID with the babysitting staff when you sign in, it will be returned to you when you pick up your child.

  • It is very important for parents to remain on site at the JCC for the entire duration of their child’s stay in babysitting.The service is solely intended to give you freedom to use the facility yourself.

  • Please remember to inform the babysitting staff where in the building you will be, so if we need to find you or have your paged, we know where you are.

  • Babysitting is a drop-in service only and children are accepted “first-come, first-served.” New Jersey State Law mandates that childcare agencies provide One babysitter for every four children, so we are limited in the number of children we can take at a time. If the babysitting room is full, please feel free to check back frequently, as children come and go continuously throughout the day. We apologize for any inconvenience this can potentially create, but we are bound by the state rules.

  • Nannies may not accompany children in the babysitting room.


Tips to Prepare Your Child

On your first visit, consider the following so both you and your child have a positive experience:

  • Plan to spend some time with your child to get acquainted with the space and
  • Consider bringing your child’s favorite toy or blanket to make an easier transition.

  • When you leave, be sure to let your child know and tell him/her when you plan to
    return. (We recommend that the first visit should be no longer than one hour).

  • Many children may cry briefly when their parent leaves, but can be rapidly consoled. In the event your child experiences any extra anxiety, we will be sure to have you paged.


Food & Beverage

  • The babysitting room maintains a kosher and nut-aware environment. To observe the laws of Kashrut and protect children with food allergies, no outside food can be brought in to babysitting. Please feed your child before dropping them off. In the event your child really requires a snack during their stay, babysitting will provide it.

  • For everyone’s safety and protection, please wash your child’s hands and face thoroughly with soap and water if they consumed any nut products prior to coming to the babysitting room. Water alone does not do the trick.

  • Please alert the staff if your child has allergies to certain foods.

  • Bottles may be brought in for your child, please be sure to label them with your child’s name.


Behavior Policies

The JCC retains the right to refuse any child who exhibits continual behavior problems. Parents will be promptly informed if any incidents occur.

Thank you for helping us make the Babysitting Room a safe and happy environment for everyone! Please contact Irene Laoudis, Health & Recreation Coordinator, if you have any questions. She can be reached directly at 201.408.1472 or


Health & Safety

To insure a healthy environment for all members and their children, the Babysitting staff reserves the right to deny access to any child who appears to be sick.

Children kept home from school due to illness are not permitted in the babysitting room, and must be fever free for 24 hours in order to be admitted.

Parents are asked to keep their child home if he/she has: fever or has had a fever during the previous twenty-four hour period, sore throat, diarrhea or has vomited, pink eye, rash, yellow nasal discharge, a cough or has head lice.

If your child becomes ill while in babysitting, we will find you or have you paged so you can pick him/her up immediately.



If your child is not toilet trained, please leave diapers and wipes so the babysitters can change your child. Please bring your child in a clean, dry diaper.